Pizza artisanale au feu de bois

Frais au Feu is an event catering company that uses a mobile Italian wood-fired pizza oven. We can cater for anybody, anywhere and operate on a close to zero carbon footprint for weddings, festivals, weekly emplacements and private events. Our cooking uses waste offcuts of local wood and locally sourced ingredients with a focus on quality and freshness. We use traditional Italian techniques and recipes and are highly efficient in catering for groups of 20 to 200 people. 

What we do

We’re not big and we’re not particularly clever but because of our small (but perfectly formed) size and traditional approach to wood-fired cooking we can go anywhere.

Our team are seasoned professionals who add an element of theatre and fun to events, alongside spectacular looking and tasting food. Our artisan, Neapolitan style pizzas are prepared and cooked fresh in front of customers with a high degree of customer participation, if desired. 

We use the best Italian Caputo 00 flour and Mutti tomatoes alongside the finest local ingredients to create Italian classic and unique French pizza  combinations.

Discover Our Menu

Everything begins with our beautiful hand made Napolitana style dough, which we allow to ferment for two days giving it a wonderful flavour and rise. Then we use a special pizza sauce using Mutti tomatoes and herbs before adding the best local ingredients from French garlic and hams to locally sourced vegetables and cheeses.

Sample Menu


Poulet Roti
Tomato or creme fraiche base, topped with garlic, caramelised red onions, home roasted chicken, mozzarella and parmesan. Add honey and/or fresh chilli


Tomato base, topped with garlic, walnuts, local honey, chabichou (local goats cheese), mozzarella and parmesan


Saumon Fumé
Crème fraîche base, topped with garlic, fresh ground pepper, smoked salmon, mozzarella and parmesan. Add lemon juice to taste

Contact us

To enquire about our availability for a wedding, event, weekly emplacement or local order call us (+33) 06 02 35 58 41 or use the form below.

Frais au Feu

Frais au Feu is owned and managed by Chris Thompson who has lived and worked in France since 2015. He is also the chef and co-owner of three other businesses – Cafe Jardin du Yoga – French Yoga Garden and Moulin de Chantegrolle

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Open Hours

Samedi: 16h to 17.45h @ moulin de Chantegrolle, Charroux, 86250
Dimanche: 11:30h to 12:30h @ Bar Les Forges, Taze-Aizie, 16700


We’re on wheels so we can go anywhere!


06 02 35 58 41